Ledricka Thierry Values

Community Service

Ledricka has always wanted to make a difference in her community. From a young age she always had a passion to serve and help others throughout her community. This started with her family, whom she began helping out as a teenager, selling produce and barbecue pits, which she manufactured herself, to help make ends meet. In 1996 her life abruptly changed when she was struck by a bus while helping young children safely cross the road. During recovery her faith was tested time and time again. This is when she decided to dedicate her life to helping others throughout her community. Ledricka believes that Justice is served best when it strengthens the community as a whole and holds us all to an equal standard under the law. Throughout her personal and professional career, she has always worked to serve others, either through her free IRS tax preparation and filing services she does yearly or through her insurance company, which allows her to assist and protect families from accidents and life events that could slow them down or harm their financial well-being.
In 2016, inspired by her 10-year-old daughter Madison, who has autism, Ledricka opened Madison Health Center, which helps children ages 5 to 17 with mental health challenges.

Provide a Fair Hearing

Ledricka believes it is fundamental to her judicial philosophy and her role as a District Judge to uphold Louisiana law and the Constitution of the United States. That means that litigants know that they will be treated fairly and that their rights will be respected. As a Louisiana State Bar Member and Former State Representative, Ledricka has taken an oath to uphold the law and serve Louisiana to the best of her ability. Among the many principles that ensure fundamental fairness in our courtrooms is the right to Due Process. This ensures that litigants have advance notice and a chance to consider their legal position and be heard. As a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and Former State Representative she has been committed to ensuring that everyone receive fair treatment under the law.

Equal Justice Under the Law

It is fundamental to Ledricka’s judicial philosophy that there be equal justice under the law. In the typical image of the law, Lady Justice wears a blindfold and holds the scales of justice. All are equal under the law. No one is above the law. Justice must be impartial. To instill a continued trust in the courts, there must be objectivity in judgment. The inquiry is WHAT a litigant did, not WHO the litigant is.

Considering “who a litigant is,” opens the door to influences that may lead to bias and situations where people of different socioeconomic levels, races or backgrounds don’t get equal justice. There is no place in the law for such discrimination. The roots of this equal justice principle of judicial philosophy can be traced back to the Bible but no matter what you believe Ledricka Thierry has always practiced this fundamental right throughout her career as an attorney, State Representative, and businesswoman.

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